Real estate: do not postpone your purchase or sale project

In May’s “Grand rendez-vous de l’immobilier”, Stéphane Moquet, Managing Director of the Orpi network, takes stock of the recovery of the post-confinement market.

In the last issue of the “Grand rendez-vous de l’immobilier” in May, Stéphane Moquet, Managing Director of Orpi France, reports on the market’s recovery. According to our columnist, one week after the first lifting of the confinement on May 11th, activity had already begun to pick up, with a strong increase in searches by buyers, but also with sellers still determined to sell. A trend that does not seem to have been reversed since then.

In this context, Stéphane Moquet advises buyers and sellers not to postpone their project, especially if they live in a tense area, as supply remains lower than demand and, according to Stéphane Moquet, it seems unlikely that prices will fall over the next few months in major cities. In this recording, the number 2 of the Orpi real estate network also explains the conditions under which property visits and agency appointments are currently taking place.

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